Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Different Types Of Futon Beds

The modern day futon comes from the country of Japan. This very popular design was necessitated by the country's space problems. They needed to have something that was as comfortable as possible but could be moved out of the way when it was not being used. The different types of Futon beds spawned a revolution in the United States as a space saving alternative to heavy mattresses.

The relatively small mattresses that were Japanese gave way to the many different models that are the offering in the United States, UK and around the world. These would include several treatments, yet, still keep the main idea of a simple sleeping pad as their main focus. This is the idea to keep in mind as you are looking for the right one for your home. Size and function are what brought about this bed in Japan.

The different types of frames are made from a variety of materials. They are made from metal and those look modern and trendy. The frames made from wood are made from many different woods. Oak, Mahogany and Teak are very beautiful indeed. The many different tones produced by these woods help enhance the look and functionality of the bed.

A simple Flatform Bed is the basic style exemplified by the Japanese model. This is a no frills platform, built of wood or metal, holding the futon mattress at a comfortable height. This is still a very popular type as the others require folding or setting up and tearing down to accommodate the entire range of positions available. This basic model is a popular one in the UK and across much of the globe, today.

A Wall-hugger is another type that will fit snug against the wall without having to pull it out when deploying it for night time. Depending on the frame type, these models will be able to expand and accommodate a sleeper, yet still keep a wide open space around it. This is one of the best types for a small room that requires the futon to be a couch during the day.

Another type of futon is often called a Click Clack. The name seems to have stuck although the actual name is probably lost or it is substituted for a store brand. This type of futon will have several different positions. It can be dropped down for sleeping or raised to be a couch or even a straight-back, wide chair.

There are also those, mattresses actually, that are placed on frames that were originally used for regular beds. These are those that are designed as bunk beds or other frames. The flexibility of this can be imagined as a cost saving measure. These are often used when a larger than normal sleeping area must be utilized.

As you are in the market for one, go into a store and lie down on one of the different types of Futon beds to feel the comfort. Imagine lying on one of these each night and how you can sleep and how it can be changed from bed to couch in one fluid moment. Look at the prices, check out the warranties and make an informed choice.

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